Ari’s Room – Rising Tide Book

In Room 10 we have been reading the book Rising Tide by the Worry Bug. This book was made after the earthquakes because people were very worried after. It helps with emotional well being and resilience. The main character in the book is called Ari and this is what I think his room would look like:

7 thoughts on “Ari’s Room – Rising Tide Book

  1. Hey Emilee, i love your bedroom you made. You have a super creative mind and you chose great colours for the bedroom. I really like it, From cary

    1. thanks “cary”

      I tried really hard and i appreciate what you said. the colours are great, arent they!

  2. Hello Emilee its George here from room 1
    I like how you told the people about the characters name
    Next time u could label some of the suff
    do u like the book rising tide?

    1. I love the book rising tide! I think it is a really creative way for children to learn about emotional well being. What do you think about it?

  3. Hi Emilee, Jack here. I like the way included a shoe on the bed because he balances it. You could add a ball on the shelf because he likes playing football. Why is the floor a circle?

  4. Hi Emilee
    Tyson-F here. I really like how you designed your room. You could have put more sports stuff in the room because Ari loves to play sports.
    Are you enjoying reading Rising Tide?

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