Day: August 19, 2022

Winter Sports – Netball – Week 4 Term 3

At NBC we do Winter Sports. I do Netball for my Winter Sports. Today it was really fun, and I was very enthusiastic. We were versing Queens-Park To start off, I was centre with my sister Summer. In the second quarter, I was defence. I found defence got quite boring after a while, though.

In the third quarter, I was off. Luckily, my best friend from pre-school, Keira was there. I was able to talk with her and catch up with her during that quarter. For the last quarter, I was attack. Personally, attack is my absolute favourite position because I can get more active. I was able to get 1 point for our team!

Next time, I think I will try to get more points for our team and make sure to have a smile on my face!

Have you ever played netball before?

Baptism Timeline – Sacrament 1

WALT: Understand the sacrament of baptism

In Room 2 we have been focusing on Baptism and how it works. For this activity, we made a time line on how baptism works, start to finish. I found this activity really fun because I learnt a new thing and I was able to understand baptism more. I focused on making sure I had the most important parts in there so if I look back at it I would be able to read it and know it properly.

Have you ever been baptised before? ✝