Day: October 28, 2022

My learning this week – Friday Re-cap

Today Miss Pownall, our teacher has assigned us tasks to do. One of the tasks on the list was to talk about our learning this week. I really like this task because I am able to share my learning on the internet.

  1. At the start of this week we were introduced to 2 things, The Agency Activity (AA) and the Week 2 Maths Revision. We have been working on these through-out the week.
  2. We were also introduced into surface features and writing
  3. For my agency activity, I did a recycling poster
  4. I have had choir practices and it was really fun to be able to practice all of them


There is my week. Is there anything you would/would not do?

The Life of Suzanne Aubert – Saint comic

In Room 2 we have been focusing on saints, because next week there will be All Saints Day. For this activity we had to pick a saint to learn about. I chose Suzanne Aubert. I made a short comic about what she did before she died. I really liked this activity because I was able to learn about a saint and got to express my creativity by making the comic.

I am aware you can’t read the texts, but what she did is she sailed to NZ to help the Maori Pakeha people and took care of 72 children/kids in need.

Who’s your favourite saint?