Day: November 28, 2022

Rodents in NZ – Explanation

In Room 10 we have been focusing on Explanations. I did one about Rodents! I find that this activity was really fun because I got to research about Rodents. It was really cool.

Have you ever done an explanation?


Have you ever seen a rat in NZ? Do you know that they were actually introduced and are not native to NZ? Rodents are a very big threat to our native animals and we need to start doing something about it.


Rodents have teeth called incisors that never stop growing! They need to grind and gnaw things to prevent their teeth from growing into their skull. A type of rodent called the kangaroo rat can live its 10-year lifespan without any water! Lots of rats actually live in several dozens. Usually they are led by a dominant rat, the Queen.


Most rodents leave behind unsanitary things such as faeces, urine, fur and other remains where they live and eat. Mice are a big threat to our native species because they tend to fight/compete for food. Other species tend to tear and chew through plastic, cloth, wood, paper and insulation. 


Rats were introduced by the UK/English Settlers. They were brought by them as pets so they had company. They also brought dogs to hunt with which has caused damage in our native animals 

To help control rodents, we can take away food sources, water sources ect. We can  thoroughly clean areas for the least likelihood of spreading diseases. Dispose garbage frequently. 


Overall rodents aren’t as bad as they seem, but they can be a huge threat. Some people even have them as pets!