SLJ – My Summer Tiki Tour

I found this activity and was instantly reeled in! I love summer and I thought it would be great to show the places my family and I love to go to! I ended up only doing 4, but I still had so much fun doing this! I think the Summer Learning Journey is sooo fun! 🙂

Click on the link to see my adventures!

EVEJ My Summer Tiki Tour


3 thoughts on “SLJ – My Summer Tiki Tour

  1. Hi Emilee,
    It’s Emma here again from the Summer Learning Journey. What an awesome tiki tour, I love reading about all the special places across Aotearoa! The pictures you have chosen and your reasons for visiting, paint a beautiful picture for what these places are like. A place seems to become more special once you make a happy memory there! Hanmer Springs looks so refreshing, especially as they days get hotter. The gondola overlooking Christchurch looks beautiful too, what kind of rides do you get to go on at the top? That sounds like a lot of fun! Your story about Hokitika where you and your sister picked a hedgehog and a Lamb reminded me of my best friend and her sister. When she went on holiday when she was very young, she got to pick a toy lamb and named it Lamy too! This ended up becoming very special to her and now at 25 years old she still has it! Do you think your sister will keep hers until she’s grown up too? Do you still have your hedgehog? Kaikoura looks amazing with the blue water and mountains in the background. Can you see the dolphins swimming from the beach or do you go out on a boat to see them? Snail hunting sounds very interesting too, are they the kind of snails that live in the forest or at the beach? Thanks for sharing a very informative and interesting post Emilee. I hope you get to visit some of these places this summer!

    1. Kia Ora, Emma!

      Sadly, I do not have my hedgehog anymore, but my sister still has her lamb! To answer your question, I think that my sister will definitely keep her lamb because it is really special to her. I usually just sit at the beach and watch the dolphins, but going on a boat and seeing them are definitely on my bucket-list!

      About snail hunting, I usually do it anywhere! (At the beach) because there are lots of rocks that snails usually just cling on to and they don’t move. I pick them off the rocks and put them on my hand and they move around, but some don’t and just look like they did on the rocks! I put them back after.

      The ride that I go on at the Gondola is almost like a little rollercoaster. There is a little thing you sit in on tracks and it moves round. The ride is all about the history of Lyttleton. Have you been/heard of that place before?

      Thanks for all your questions!
      From Emilee.

      1. Hi Emilee,

        Sorry for taking a while to see your comment!

        Thats amazing that you can see the dolphins right from the beach, do you know what type of dolphins they are that like to swim round there? Have you ever swam out to see them?

        Snail hunting sounds like fun! Especially after I found out you don’t actually eat them. Although it is a popular thing to eat in France!

        I think I know what ride you are talking about because they have one in Rotorua, called the Luge. It is a whole lot of fun!

        I haven’t heard about Lyttleton before, I would love know more though if you have any interesting facts or information to share.

        Emma – SLJ

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