Month: August 2023

My Cathedral for Christchurch – Minecraft Edition

In Room 9/10, we have been focusing on making a Cathedral for Christchurch, but in Minecraft. Basically, we looked at the old Cathedral and took inspiration from it. We also learned all about the different rooms and certain parts we needed to add into it.

I really enjoyed doing this because I got to express my creativity and go to try something new. I have never done this before, so I found it quite interesting. I named my church after Saint Joseph, who is the Patron Saint of churches. I kept a colour scheme in different rooms, and tried to keep everything simple.


What colour scheme would you use? What would you put?

Escape Mt Vesuvius – In the eyes of a Pompeii Citizen

WALT: Write an imaginative recount.

In Room 9/10, we have been focusing on 2 things for reading. Some groups have been learning about King Tutankhamen and others have been learning about the Mt Vesuvius eruption. I was learning about King Tutankhamen, but when it came to writing we could pick which one we wanted to write about. I wanted to learn something new,  so I picked Mt Vesuvius.

I put it in perspective of a girl called Amelia, who had a journal. She journalled the days following up to the eruption, and her experience when Mt Vesuvius erupted.

Here is my story:

What do you think? What would you pick if you had the option between the 2?

Emperor Nero DLO

In Room 9/10, we have been learning a whole bunch about Ancient Rome and its rulers. Most of the rulers we are looking at are Christian, but we have also been taking a close look at Emperor Nero. Nero was a ruler a long time ago (54 – 68 A.D) and is very well known, ut for a bad reason.

See, Nero had a really big ego, and always thought about himself. An example of this is the big Roman Fire in 64 A.D, and he watched his own town burn while he was on top of a mountain.

Here is the DLO I made.


What do you think about Emperor Nero and his life? Why do you think he was so cruel? What is something new you learned reading the DLO?

Claude Monet – Water Lillies Recreation

In Room 9/10, we have been looking at Claude Monet and his art, but we have been focusing more on a more famous piece ‘Water Lillies and the Japanese Bridge’. This was an awesome piece of art to look at, and it was really interesting.

For this art piece, we used oil pastels to add colour, and we used tissues to blend. Some of us used our fingers, but most of us used tissues. We also used a white pastel to soften colours and details.

This is what it looks like, what do you think?