Day: August 22, 2023

Escape Mt Vesuvius – In the eyes of a Pompeii Citizen

WALT: Write an imaginative recount.

In Room 9/10, we have been focusing on 2 things for reading. Some groups have been learning about King Tutankhamen and others have been learning about the Mt Vesuvius eruption. I was learning about King Tutankhamen, but when it came to writing we could pick which one we wanted to write about. I wanted to learn something new,  so I picked Mt Vesuvius.

I put it in perspective of a girl called Amelia, who had a journal. She journalled the days following up to the eruption, and her experience when Mt Vesuvius erupted.

Here is my story:

What do you think? What would you pick if you had the option between the 2?