Month: September 2023

Muhammad Ali

WALT: Identify character strengths in inspirational people.

In Room 9/10, we started to learn about character strengths in inspirational people. We watched a short video about different people who had a big impact on the world and what character strengths they used. For example, Muhammad Ali used bravery and strength during his fights with others.

I teamed up with my friend Quinn for this activity. We took a deeper dive into the history of Muhammad Ali and what he did before his death. We found some pretty cool facts and discovered some strong character strengths.

What do you think? Who would you pick to learn about?

Resilience – Celebration of Learning Art Piece

In Room 9/10, we have been working really hard to create art pieces for the ‘Resilience – Celebration of Learning’ event coming up on September 14, 2023. Everyone here at NBC has made an art piece for this show, and all together we will be displaying around 250 art pieces for Thursday.

In our class, we have made Animal Collages. This art piece took a pretty fair amount of time, but I am really proud that I have finished my art piece. I haven’t completely finished gluing on the eyes and nose, but I have done most of it.

Once I have a photo of the completed art piece, I will add it onto my Reflection Slide below.

This slide contains my ideas, thoughts and steps on this art journey.

What do you think? What animal would you do and why? Would you enjoy doing this?

Election DLO

In Room 9/10, we have been learning about the elections. The election is coming up in October, and we have decided to take a deeper dive into what the election is and why it is important.

For this activity, I worked with Quinn and we made a slideshow all about the different leaders and the parties. I found it really interesting to research all about the different leaders, and what their goals were for NZ.

What do you think? What is your favourite party? If you could vote, who would you vote for?

Colours in Te Reo

In Room 9/10. we have made a google drawing about colours in Te Reo. I really enjoyed researching and finding examples of the colours, but my favourite part was when I got to make a drawing on Sumo Paint. I picked 8 colours and made a really cool drawing, and then I labled all the colours in Te Reo.

I think if I ever did this again, I would spend more time on choosing some more unique examples of the coloured items. For red, I did an apple, but I think I could’ve done something cool like tomato soup.

Here is my DLO of the colours.

What do you think? What would you do for the photo? What is your favourite colour?