Today in Room 9 got taught about Pink Shirt Day and why it is related to this week’s virtue. Our virtue is Accepting this week, which is perfect because it ties into what our focus is for R.E. We had to design a pink shirt that helps encourage others to be kind. I really enjoyed this activity because it helped me realise the impact of bullying and how much being kind can mean to someone.

When I designed my shirt, I did it from scratch so that it could be more unique. I liked designing it because it was a really nice relaxing activity. Once we had finished the shirt, we were asked if we would wear it. I said yes because I liked the simple design!

Here is my shirt;

Do you know about PINK SHIRT DAY?

One thought on “PINK SHIRT DAY

  1. Hi Emilee Its Izzy from NBC
    I really like that you put a lot of description into telling us about what you had to do for your activity so that we could understand what you were doing this week.
    I like that your t-shirt is a really simple design and not to complicated and bright.
    Next time you could add some more detail to the to
    I knew that pink shirt day is about anti bullying and it represents that we should stop bullying.

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