Writing – Describing things

Our focus for writing for the last couple of weeks has been adjectives and describing words. One of our main activities we have done has been describing a character. We were given a group of photos that were AI generated to describe. I picked a plumber looking guy who had to robotic legs.

I enjoyed this activity because it helped expand my vocabulary and it was overall just a really fun activity. Next time, I think I would pick a character that had more to describe and take my time on it.

Here is my description;

Have you done this before? Did you enjoy it?

2 thoughts on “Writing – Describing things

  1. Hi Emilee its me Aemo i saw your Elon musk writing it is Awsome;) You could add more details. I like how you did Elon musk name in the pattern
    My qustion why did you chose elon musk

    1. Hello Aemo,
      Thank you for your positive comment! I picked Elon Musk since he is very sought after and seems quite interesting to do.

      Who did you do?

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