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SLJ – Smart Chips (+ step it up activity)

Talofa, Everyone!

This activity was all about learning the 12 days of christmas, but in the Maori/Kiwi version. I got to watch the cool homemade video that even included pictures of each of the 12 days. I really liked this activity because I got to have a go at memorising the days because we had to fill in a sheet of all the days using smart chips. I had to remember every single one!

I still had lots of fun though. Here it is:

Step it up activity:

For this step it up, I got to make my own smart chip sheet by listening to a christmas song, and replace at least 6 of the words for smart chips. I chose ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ I had so much fun with this activity because I got to make everything cool.


What Christmas Carol would you choose?

SLJ – How are rainbows made? (Step It Up)

Kia Ora everyone!

This blogpost is a ‘step it up’ activity from the other one I did, Mnemonics. The step it up activity taught us about how rainbows are made, which was really cool! I was so shocked and it was something new to me! I had always wondered how they were made. I made a cool Google Drawing to explain how they are made.

Did you know this? What is something new you learned?

SLJ – How Good Is Your Memory?

Kia Ora!

Another activity has been put up on the SLJ Blog and this is what it is! Our task today is to learn ‘Mnemonics’ and when you pronounce it the ‘M’ is silent. There were many different ones you could do, but I chose the ‘ROYG.BIV’ Also known as the colours of the rainbow.

I have recorded a video of myself explaining Mnemonics and how ROYG.BIV helps you remember all the colours!

What is an example of a mnemonic you know?

SLJ – Shape Poems (Poetry Slam)

Kia Ora everyone!

This activity that I have chosen is called ‘Shape Poems’. For this activity, all we have to do is think of a thing! (e.g a cat) and then make a poem about that chosen thing, but the catch is you have to make it the shape of the thing! I chose an umbrella and I made a poem about rain and not being able to play because without rain we would have no umbrellas!

I found this activity really fun because I got to do research on shape poems and I got to see really cool examples. I also got to challenge myself by finding the right rhyming word for each line.

Just incase, here is a video of me reading the poem.

SLJ – Lets Get Funky

Kia Ora, everyone.

Today, I have chosen an activity called ‘Lets Get Funky’. For this activity, you got to go on a cool site called ‘Sumotunes’ and make a really cool music piece with it! I had so much fun with this activity because the end product is so cool! I loved how I could express myself with the music and turn it into a groovy song!

I think that next time I could have added some more instruments into the song. Here is the song:

Here is what it looked like when I was making it:

What do you think I could have done to make it better? What instruments would you choose?


SLJ – Art for Arts Sake

In the SLJ, one of todays activities is to make a silhouette of one of your family members! I decided to choose.. myself! I really liked this activity because I was able to be creative in the style I could go for. I ended up just doing my side profile. After I took the picture, I coloured it black!

What do you think?

Would you ever do this activity?

SLJ – One line artwork

For my last activity for today, I chose the 1 line artwork. I had so much fun with this activity and personally I think it was my favourite~! The goal was to make an artwork using only one line (without taking your pen off the paper) and then colouring it in. I liked this activity because I got to be very creative and use my imagination!

Here is my artwork:

SLJ – My Summer Tiki Tour

I found this activity and was instantly reeled in! I love summer and I thought it would be great to show the places my family and I love to go to! I ended up only doing 4, but I still had so much fun doing this! I think the Summer Learning Journey is sooo fun! 🙂

Click on the link to see my adventures!

EVEJ My Summer Tiki Tour


Recreating Portraits – SLJ

I haven’t been keeping up with the SLJ, so I decided that today in my free time I would do some~! The first one I am doing is ‘Recreating Portraits’. I saw this one and I thought it was really cool! I didn’t have much resources so I tried to find an easy one.

The artist who created the art piece I recreated was ‘Rudolph Haunser’

This is the art piece

Here is my replica!

SLJ – Its cool to be kind!

Today, I was looking through the SLJ and I saw this really cool activity! You could comment on someones blogpost! I love commenting and so I decided to give it a go. I did not have much time to do the comment, but it was so fun! I chose someone called Fox who was from my school. He did a blogpost about a cool obstacle course.

Here is my comment:

Have you done the SLJ yet?