R.E – Gratitude Poster

Yesterday in Room 9 we looked at the virtues. Our school follows these virtues and they represent our school. I was in a group with Izzy, Quinn and Hunter and we focused on the virtue Gratitude. The sub-virtues under Gratitude are Prayerful, Reflective, Trustworthy, Hopeful and Joyful.

We had to think of ways on how we could show Gratitude next term (Term 2). It took a bit of thinking but it was a pretty chill activity! I really enjoyed this activity because it helped me reflect on how I have been showing Gratitude these past 10 weeks.

Here is the poster my group created;

How do you show Gratitude?


In Room 9, for the past week my reading group has been looking at Gallipoli, Chunuk Bair and Kemal Ataturk. We have been learning about the war and the amount of lives lost during that time. It is really sad to see how hard everyone struggled as well.

Learning about Kemal Ataturk has been very interesting. It is crazy that a small watch in his pocket saved his life. We also read a lot of texts about after the war. I made a google draw about Ataturk and what he did after the war.

Here is my Google Draw;

Have you heard of Kemal? What would you do in his position?

Autumn Learning Journey Velociraptor

In Room 9, we have been been looking at the Autumn Learning Journey (ALJ). We had to pick an activity to complete and post on our blogs. My friend Izzy and I decided to do the Velociraptor Day one. We had to follow an art tutorial on how to draw a velociraptor.

It was really fun to do because it showed me how  people interpret different things, and no one can do something the exact same way that you can. Our drawings came out completely different even though we followed the same tutorial, which is really cool!

Here is our drawings;

My one is the red and orange, while the blue one is Izzys.

What do you think? Would you do this? Why/Why not?

Duffy Books Term 1

Today at NBC, we were given our Duffy books. At the start of each term, we are given a booklet filled with books. We were allowed to pick 4 books in order from the ones we want most to least. Then, they try to give you your top 2 books. The reason why we pick 4 books is incase one of your books you wanted has already been taken.

After we were given our books, we listened to Melissa Stokes and her story about reading. Since she works at the news, she has to read out the information. It was really cool to see how she incorporates reading into her everyday life with her kids.

The 2 books I got were called Never Never by Serena Valentino  and it is a tale of Captain Hook. The other book I got was called If You Tell Anyone,  You’re Next by Jack Heath. It is a story about Jayden Jones and how he went missing.

Thank you to Avonhead Rotary for supplying these books;

Do you like reading books? Which one is your favourite?


For Math in Room 9, we have been looking at  the BEDMAS rule. BEDMAS is a rule that helps people solve complicated equations. BEDMAS stands for Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction. This is the order you would do the equation in. For example if you had 5 + 2 x 3, you would do the multiplication first because it comes before addition.

I really enjoyed this activity because it helped me understand BEDMAS better. Even though it is a complicated rule, it definitely makes math a little bit easier.

Here is a Google draw explaining what BEDMAS is and how to solve equations using it;

Did you know BEDMAS before this? Do you think we need BEDMAS?

Google Earth Activity

In Room 9 for Cybersmart, we have been looking at New Zealands landmarks. For this activity, I paired up with my good friend, Izzy. We had to pick between A or B, each letter containing different landmarks for us to pin on Google Earth. We picked A because we thought that the landmarks there were a little bit more interesting.

There were really cool landmarks including the Giant Kiwi, the Kaikoura Whale Watching building and the Beehive. It was really enjoyable because I got to look at some landmarks that I have never heard of. It also made me want to go exploring around New Zealand to see them.

Here is our New Zealand with the landmark pins;

Do you recognize any of these? Which ones do you recognize?

Week 5-6 Reading Hotspot

In Room 9 we have been looking at a reading hotspot for the past 2 weeks, and it is about Lent. Since Easter is coming up soon and we are a Christian School, our main focus for March is Lent.

I found this hotspot time consuming in some parts, but other than that it was very educational and I really enjoyed doing it. 2 things I think I have done really well are keeping track of time to complete all the activities and making high quality work. Next time, I think I would start with the hardest activities first so that I am more motivated to continue the hotspot.

Here is my hotspot; and if you want to see it in more detail, here is a link

How long do you think it would take you to finish this hotspot?

Food Fact Stack

In my reading group, we have been looking at Mahinga Kai. We read a text about Mahinga Kai and then answer some questions. After we had finished this, we had a follow up activity. Our follow up activity was the Food Fact Stack.

We had to pick a food that God has provided us or included something that God has provided us. I picked Butter Chicken. Once we had picked our food, we were told to fill out a google drawing which included a cost, taste and health discussion, aswell as some facts.

Here is my Food Fact Stack:

What food would you pick?

Leadership Quiz

In Room 9, we have been looking at leaders and what they have done for NZ.

We were given a sheet with questions about certain people and a wikipedia page with 100 famous people. Some were hard, but some were easy. With the hard ones, we had to find a person and find people connected to someone else.

It was definitely an activity that you had to hone in and focus on. It took a while, but once I finished it I was really proud of my work. Here is my filled out and completed sheet:

What do you think? Would you do this and why?

Shared Sentence Writing

In Room 9, we have been looking at shared sentences for writing. To make our shared sentence, we wrote 1-2 lines about a photo of a mossy building. It was really cool to see what other people interpreted from the drawing.

Once, we had written our couple of sentences, the person underneath us continued the story by adding another 1-2 sentences onto the story. This continued about four times. In the end, my story came out really cool and unexpected.

Here is my story:

I winced as I sat on top of the green mossy building, slowly crumbling away as I moved. I stood up, wobbling unsteadily. This is NOT how I expected my rock climbing day to go. I needed to go into the building to see if there was anyone in there to help me. I looked at my watch, screen shattered. Time was a snail. Minutes felt like hours.

 My arm was throbbing and the pain intensified as the adrenaline wore off. It must’ve been broken as my arm looked like a stick snapped in half. 

My heart dropped because I kept hearing noise echoing around me. I heard a siren, getting louder and quieter, alternating between the two. I thought someone had called the ambulance. I was ecstatic. I was going to be OK! I  turned around, a little too fast. I fell to the ground and heard a loud WHOOSH, and the last thing I saw was a big wave headed straight toward me!

What could I do to improve? What would you write about?