R.E – Gratitude Poster

Yesterday in Room 9 we looked at the virtues. Our school follows these virtues and they represent our school. I was in a group with Izzy, Quinn and Hunter and we focused on the virtue Gratitude. The sub-virtues under Gratitude are Prayerful, Reflective, Trustworthy, Hopeful and Joyful.

We had to think of ways on how we could show Gratitude next term (Term 2). It took a bit of thinking but it was a pretty chill activity! I really enjoyed this activity because it helped me reflect on how I have been showing Gratitude these past 10 weeks.

Here is the poster my group created;

How do you show Gratitude?

2 thoughts on “R.E – Gratitude Poster

  1. Hi Emilee its Izzy from room 9, I really like how you told me who you worked with and told me what you had to do. I also like that you put in a photo of your poster that you did. Next time you could take a better photo with better lighting so we could see the words better.

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