SLJ – Groove Pizza

Buenos Dias/Buenos Noches, Bloggers!

This activity was all about getting into your groove! Using a site called Groove Pizza, I was able to create an awesome beat! There were 3 types of sounds you could include in your beat. I used all of them to create a unique piece of music.

I really enjoyed this activity because it helped me use my musical ear. Talking about musical ears, if you listen very closely to my beat, you can see that the beat slightly changes throughout the four 2 second beats.

Here is my beat:

What changes would you make? Can you hear the differences?

SLJ – Comic Step it Up

Bonjour, Bloggers!

Just like my previous post, I am doing the Comic Quest, but this time I am doing the Step-It-Up! For the step it up, you get to create your own story (not related to the beach) and pick your own background. My background was the city.

For this story, I made it about a man who lives alone and really wants a dog. He passes by a shop and finds the perfect one! But what happens? I loved creating this because it reminded me of my dogs and adopting them.

Here is my story:

What do you think? Would you change anything about this? Do you have any dogs?

SLJ – ComicQuest

Kia Ora, Bloggers!

Yesterday, the SLJ officially started! I went to their page and picked the first activity that was published. It was called ‘Comic Quest’. For this activity, you were given a blank comic strip of a beach. On the last slide, there were stickers you could use such as a sandcastle, bucket, seagulls, umbrellas, people etc.

I created my own story about a talking crab. It all starts with a girl named Veronica sitting on the beach, when suddenly a crab walks up to her. Crabs don’t usually come to the beach, so Veronica was very confused. She was even more flabbergasted when she found out that it talks!

Here is my comic:

What do you think? What would you make your comic about?

My Superhero (Summer Learning Journey KICKSTART)

Kia Ora, Bloggers!

To kickstart the 2023-2024 Summer Learning Journey (SLJ), We have to make our own superheros! For this to work, we had the option of 3 sites; Craiyon, Google Draw and Kleki. I used Craiyon, which is a website where you enter in a prompt and with the power of AI, it creates a photo!

I called my superhero ChaCha Chihuahua, and as you might have guessed, he is a Chihuhua! I really enjoyed this activity because I got to use my imagination and express my creativity. I made a Google Drawing to give more details about ChaCha such as what he does, his enemies, his city etc.

What do you think? What would your superhero look like?

Ngā mihi,


Jacinda Ardern

WALT: Share our findings of our role-model/inspiring person

In Room 9/10, we have been looking at role models and leaders that will inspire us to be Year 8s next year. I chose to do Jacinda Ardern because of how great of a Prime Minister she is. She really inspired me because of how well she led NZ through the Covid Pandemic and all the virtues she used.

She showed persistence and kindness. She showed everyone how strong she was and she was a really great leader.

I really enjoyed researching about her and finding out facts I have never heard of! I also really liked making the poster and keeping a colour theme.

Here is my Jacinda poster:

What do you think? Who would you pick?


Adolf Hitler Create Activities

LI: Identify the writer’s’ purpose and give a personal response.

LI: Recognise and understand a variety of grammatical constructions, e.g. cause & effect, compare & contrast.

LI: Select and read a range of texts suited to the learning purpose.

In Room 9/10 our teachers have been very busy with tests, so they have given us a Student Led activity. We had 4 options on what we could do activities on.  These were Famous People, Animals, WW2 and Hobbies. I decided to go with famous people, and I chose Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler has always been someone I have an interest in. Even though he was a bad person, he was a very good person to research. He had a lot of facts and I have learnt many new things.

I created a book cover about him and a news article.


Book Cover:

Have you ever heard of Adolf Hitler? What activity would you pick?

Writing Goals for WK 6/7

In Room 9/10, we have been looking at our writing goals. We had 3 different choices and all of them helped with different categories. The 1st one was about paragraphs and blending them easily. The 2nd one was about maintaining the audience’s attention and using the subjects language. The 3rd and last one was about using different starting sentences and giving effect.

I chose the 2nd one. Our activity was to write about something we are a master in and using its ‘language’.

I chose Skin Care because I really love to do it and I have a lot of knowledge. I enjoyed this activity because I love to write and I got to write about a subject I really enjoy.

Here is my writing:

What would you write about?

Influence of Social Media

WALT: Learn about relationships and social medias effects.

This term in room 9/10, we have been looking at relationships and sexuality. One of our main focuses has been social media and our relationships on it. This activity is all about the effects of social media and how it takes a toll on children. We had to make an argument on why/why not children should be able to have access to social media.

My friend, Ieasha worked with me on this argument. We used an image to help prompt us, and the image shows a father asking her daughter how her day went, and she replies with ‘You can look on my facebook!’

Do you agree or disagree?

Kate Sheppard

WALT: Take a look into important historical figures

In Room 9/10, we have been looking at Kate Sheppard.  Kate Sheppard was the reason us women can vote! In 1893, she made a petition called the ‘Womens Suffrage’. It was signed by 31,972 women! It was such a great achievement.

I really enjoyed this activity because I got to learn new things. It was also great to do research and be able to create a really cool slideshow. Next time, I think I would try find more information for the timeline and maybe work with a partner.

Here is my slideshow; (be sure to look at the cool animations)

Have you ever heard of Kate Sheppard before?

Fake News!

In Room 9/10, we have been looking at Quality of Media for Cybersmart.

One of the things we had to do was create a fake news article with our own URL.  I paired up with my friend Kyan for this activity.

I really enjoyed this activity because I got to use my imagination on this. It was super funny being able to create our own images and make super funny stories. My favourite part of this activity was working with my friend and sharing our ideas.

What do you think? What would your story be?