SLJ – R.E.S.P. E.C.T (Step-it-up)

Talofa Lava, Bloggers!

This is blogpost number 5 for todays marathon. I can’t wait until I am finished with these tasks because of how rewarding it will be.

For the RESPECT step it up, we had to make a logo or slogan about respect and talk about why we made it/why we chose that quote. I chose the infamous quote (also known as the golden rule) ‘Treat others how you want to be treated’.

This quote is very important to me because I have always believed that you should be kind to people no matter what. I really enjoyed this activity because it was a very quick one but with a lot of meaning.

Here is my logo:

Do you agree with this quote? Have you heard of it before?

2 thoughts on “SLJ – R.E.S.P. E.C.T (Step-it-up)

  1. Kia ora Emilee, Swaimah here from Pt England School. I really love your little slogan you added for the R.E.S.P.E.C.T step it up task. I also came up with a quote that said
    “Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is retured”


    Would you think anyone would buy your t-shirt that that slogan/quote on it?

    Thanks Swaimah <3

  2. Kia ora Emilee,

    My name is Anna and I am with the Summer Learning Journey team. What a blogging spree you have been on. It is so awesome to see you not just blogging regularly but blogging quality blog posts. Keep it up.

    I love how you included a description with your blog post. I can tell you took your time and reread it and checked for mistakes because it makes sense. You even used paragraphs correctly which is fabulous.

    What a beautiful and thoughtful designed blog post. I can see you picked a colour theme and stuck with it and you put a lot of thought into the content of your blog post. I like how your whole blog post revolves around the golden rule which I think everybody should follow, ‘treat others the way you want to be treated.” I especially liked your last comment when you mentioned even just giving someone a smile can make their day. Absolutely. The best part about a smile is it is free and it makes both you and the other person feel good.

    In answer to your question, I absolutely agree and my teachers used to say it to us all the time when we were kids so I grew up hearing it and I grew up trying to live by that golden rule.

    Tino pai to mahi Emilee,

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