Duffy Books Term 1

Today at NBC, we were given our Duffy books. At the start of each term, we are given a booklet filled with books. We were allowed to pick 4 books in order from the ones we want most to least. Then, they try to give you your top 2 books. The reason why we pick 4 books is incase one of your books you wanted has already been taken.

After we were given our books, we listened to Melissa Stokes and her story about reading. Since she works at the news, she has to read out the information. It was really cool to see how she incorporates reading into her everyday life with her kids.

The 2 books I got were called Never Never by Serena Valentino  and it is a tale of Captain Hook. The other book I got was called If You Tell Anyone,  You’re Next by Jack Heath. It is a story about Jayden Jones and how he went missing.

Thank you to Avonhead Rotary for supplying these books;

Do you like reading books? Which one is your favourite?

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