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Buenos Dias/Buenos Noches, Bloggers!

This activity was all about getting into your groove! Using a site called Groove Pizza, I was able to create an awesome beat! There were 3 types of sounds you could include in your beat. I used all of them to create a unique piece of music.

I really enjoyed this activity because it helped me use my musical ear. Talking about musical ears, if you listen very closely to my beat, you can see that the beat slightly changes throughout the four 2 second beats.

Here is my beat:

What changes would you make? Can you hear the differences?

2 thoughts on “SLJ – Groove Pizza

  1. Buenos Dias Emilee,

    How fantastic that you have been able to use your musical knowledge to create a digital beat. I could hear the slight changes in your rhythm, it was subtle but fitted within the overall sound of the beat. I think your music teacher would be very impressed.

    Keep up the great learning and blogging,
    🙂 Sharon – Te Ara Tūhura Education Programme Leader

  2. Kia ora Emily,
    It’s Annabel here from Koputaroa school.
    Your beat sounds amazing! I like how it flows in a pattern! You explained it very well too, like how their were 3 different beats and you used all of them! I did hear the slight change in beat in the middle part of the song. If I was to change the song I don’t think I would it sounds amazing how it is! Would you have made any changes?
    Thank you for such an awesome blog post! Do you play any instruments like guitar or piano?
    Ka Kite!

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