SLJ – R.E.S.P. E.C.T (KickStart)

Malo E Leilei, Bloggers!

This is part 4 of my SLJ Marathon. For the RESPECT activity, we looked at Tonga and what they wear as a form of RESPECT. Once we had read and watched some texts and videos, we got to make our own design.

We were given some photos that we could use to help guide our designs. I really enjoyed this activity because I got to look into Tongas culture and learn a lot of new things. This activity is definitely up there as one of my favourites.  Next time, I think I could have done more research and made a more intricate design.

Here is my design:

What do you think? What would you do differently?

One thought on “SLJ – R.E.S.P. E.C.T (KickStart)

  1. Kia ora Emilee,

    What an excellent blog post. Some of the things that stood out to me was your language, using words like intricate and guided. That is awesome to see. Another thing I enjoyed was the little blurb on your design that told us readers where you got your inspiration from. It may seem like such a simple thing but everybody loves to know where people get their ideas and you made clear your ideas came from viewing a range of different photos and the SLJ videos. Awesome mahi Emilee.

    As for the design itself. It’s both simple yet elegant. I like how you have used the same colours and same shape but altered things only slightly to give off the illusion its quite an intricate pattern. You have thought about how the design will fit around the body too which adds to the reality of the design.

    My only question is, do you remember what the Tongan thing is called that you are designing? Do you know much about it? I have read a few blogs and have learnt a lot. You should check out Madelyn’s blog, she does a great job explaining what it is and the significance of it.
    Madelyn’s Blog

    I hope to see another one of your blogs soon Emilee,

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