Day: December 13, 2022

SLJ – Its cool to be kind!

Today, I was looking through the SLJ and I saw this really cool activity! You could comment on someones blogpost! I love commenting and so I decided to give it a go. I did not have much time to do the comment, but it was so fun! I chose someone called Fox who was from my school. He did a blogpost about a cool obstacle course.

Here is my comment:

Have you done the SLJ yet?

The 5 candles of advent – The lead up to Christmas

WALT: Learn about the 5 candles of advent

In Room 2, we have been focusing to the lead up to Christmas – Nativity. Part of this activity was to make a slide about what the candles mean and what they represent. I did this with my bestie Eva! We had lots of fun doing this activity because we could be creative and decorate the slides and learn about the candles.

em and eve’s candle slides – countdown to x-mas!

Cameron The Crab – Free Write

WALT: Write for a good period of time

On Monday, I got to do free write. I decided to do a narrative so that I could use my imagination. I named it Cameron The Crab. I really enjoyed doing this because I got to have a lot of fun experimenting new things.

In the end, I came up with this:

Cameron the Crab

What would you write about if you had free write? 🦀