Month: September 2022

Advert Learning – Cereal

WALT: Think critically and support ideas with data and opinion:

In Room 10 we have been focusing on adverts, specifically cereal ones. We got to make our own cereal and I loved it! My imagination really helped me with this and it was such a creative, cool idea.

I named my cereal Sunshine Macaroni. I was originally going to go with Cinnamon Crunch, but I found that Sunshine Macaroni could have more excitement in the box.

Here is my cereal ad:

I chose Dua Lipa, who would you have chosen?

Captain Compassion – R.E

WALT: Understand Sacraments

For our activity, my friend Eva and I made a superhero. This superhero shows a kind virtue that makes people feel good. We named our superhero Captain Compassion. Our favourite part of this activity would be that we got to use our imagination to be able to make a cool superhero.

I hope that you like our superhero!

What’s your favourite superhero?