Advert Learning – Cereal

WALT: Think critically and support ideas with data and opinion:

In Room 10 we have been focusing on adverts, specifically cereal ones. We got to make our own cereal and I loved it! My imagination really helped me with this and it was such a creative, cool idea.

I named my cereal Sunshine Macaroni. I was originally going to go with Cinnamon Crunch, but I found that Sunshine Macaroni could have more excitement in the box.

Here is my cereal ad:

I chose Dua Lipa, who would you have chosen?

2 thoughts on “Advert Learning – Cereal

  1. Hi Emilee I love the little person sticking out of the box maybe next time you could make the dent in the box fixed.

  2. Hi Emilee Izzy here from nbc school.
    I really like how you added a little Text.
    I really love the name of the cereal.
    Next time you could fix the dent in the box

    From your friend Izzy🥹

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