The Life of Suzanne Aubert – Saint comic

In Room 2 we have been focusing on saints, because next week there will be All Saints Day. For this activity we had to pick a saint to learn about. I chose Suzanne Aubert. I made a short comic about what she did before she died. I really liked this activity because I was able to learn about a saint and got to express my creativity by making the comic.

I am aware you can’t read the texts, but what she did is she sailed to NZ to help the Maori Pakeha people and took care of 72 children/kids in need.

Who’s your favourite saint?

2 thoughts on “The Life of Suzanne Aubert – Saint comic

  1. Hi Emilee, I really like your scenes of Suzanne aubert! my favourite scene is the baby one. How long did this take you to make? your super creative,
    by Carys

    1. Hey Cc!

      It took around half an hour because I had to learn lots of stuff about her. I think the baby one was my favourite too.

      What would you change in this comic?