My learning this week – Friday Re-cap

Today Miss Pownall, our teacher has assigned us tasks to do. One of the tasks on the list was to talk about our learning this week. I really like this task because I am able to share my learning on the internet.

  1. At the start of this week we were introduced to 2 things, The Agency Activity (AA) and the Week 2 Maths Revision. We have been working on these through-out the week.
  2. We were also introduced into surface features and writing
  3. For my agency activity, I did a recycling poster
  4. I have had choir practices and it was really fun to be able to practice all of them


There is my week. Is there anything you would/would not do?

2 thoughts on “My learning this week – Friday Re-cap

  1. hi Emilee
    it Willa here I like how you added what you did to the post
    why did you add this post?
    I would definitely add eat lots of healthy foods in my lunch
    from Willa
    nga mihi

    1. Kia Ora, Willa.

      I did this post in my free time because I was bored, but it was nice to recap everything I had done. It really shows how much we can learn every week.

      What healthy food would you put in your lunch?

      Nga Mihi

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