Adolf Hitler Create Activities

LI: Identify the writer’s’ purpose and give a personal response.

LI: Recognise and understand a variety of grammatical constructions, e.g. cause & effect, compare & contrast.

LI: Select and read a range of texts suited to the learning purpose.

In Room 9/10 our teachers have been very busy with tests, so they have given us a Student Led activity. We had 4 options on what we could do activities on.  These were Famous People, Animals, WW2 and Hobbies. I decided to go with famous people, and I chose Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler has always been someone I have an interest in. Even though he was a bad person, he was a very good person to research. He had a lot of facts and I have learnt many new things.

I created a book cover about him and a news article.


Book Cover:

Have you ever heard of Adolf Hitler? What activity would you pick?

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