Diamante Poem – Writing

WALT: Understand diamante poems.

In Room 10 we have been doing diamante poems for our writing. My one was all about cheetahs, since it was the first thing to cross my mind. 

A diamante poem goes like this:

  • 1 noun
  • 2 adjectives
  • verbs
  • A 4 letter sentence about the topic
  • 3 verbs
  • 2 adjectives
  • noun

Here is my diamante poem:


One thought on “Diamante Poem – Writing

  1. Hey Emilee Izzy here form NBC school.
    .I really like how you have added what goes into a diamante poem so other people can write their own diamante poem🥹
    This post was really good because it had colour and you showed a picture of what you did instead of just writing it in with no picture.

    Next time you could put a reflection about how you felt writing this and if it was fun.

    From Izzy

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