Month: May 2022

Diamante Poem – Writing

WALT: Understand diamante poems.

In Room 10 we have been doing diamante poems for our writing. My one was all about cheetahs, since it was the first thing to cross my mind. 

A diamante poem goes like this:

  • 1 noun
  • 2 adjectives
  • verbs
  • A 4 letter sentence about the topic
  • 3 verbs
  • 2 adjectives
  • noun

Here is my diamante poem:


Geometry Quiz – Maths – Sides and Vertices

Walt: Understand vertices and sides.

In Room 10 we had to do a quick blogpost about maths so we could do a Kahoot. I was going to show a video of me doing a quiz, but it wont upload. Instead, here are photos of me getting the right/wrong and you will have to see if I get them right!





As you can see, I got them all correct!

Would you have got them correct?




KWL About Space

In Room 10/WORM class we have been learning about space for our reading. To start off our slides we had to make a KWL about our knowledge about space. I thought this was a very fun activity to recap about all the information I knew.