Could We Live In Space? – Reading

WALT: To think critically and solve problems in Space

In Room 10, we have been learning about space. I had to make an argument if we could live in space or not. My opinion is NO. All of my reasons are in this slide below…

Have you ever been to space?

3 thoughts on “Could We Live In Space? – Reading

  1. Hello it´s Reid here
    I think in the future we could live in space but who knows what the future will bring.
    I like what you have done with the pitchers n the corner that relate to the stuff you are saying.
    But I don´t know how we would get water up in space.


  2. Hi Emilee i love the details and your opinion of it! That would be pretty cool if we could live in space. If we could live in space would you live in space? also you could maybe ask us a question

    1. I would not live in space, but thanks for the question. I will ad a question next time, thanks.

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