Monster: Fantastic beasts

At NBC we are focusing on the July Home learning for the school. There is heaps of tasks to do and they all give points. For my task I chose to pick the fantastic beasts activity. First we had to look at some monsters in the book Fantastic beasts and then make our own. This is mine and I even added all the features.



3 thoughts on “Monster: Fantastic beasts

  1. hola,l really like the monster,l am in love with what you named it!.L really like the creative vibe going with it!😄l am very proud of the effort you put on it

  2. Kia Ora Emilee

    I love your monster you are very creative!
    Maybe next time you could add what it sounds like?
    Why did you choose to make a fantastic beast?

    By Stella Hawker🙂

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