My Free Write – Pobble 365

In Room 2 we have been able to do free writing because our Room 10 teacher is not here today! 🙁

To inspire my writing, I used a site called Pobble 365. If you go to Pobble 365, there is a photo for every day. These photos give you ideas to make a story. Lets say there was fish falling out of the sky. There would be a story starter and ideas to help start your story. 😍

For my story, I used a photo with black umbrellas, but in the middle of the photo there was a red one. ☂ I found this really cool because I had such a good idea for the reference.

Here is my story! 🤩

The Odd One Out!

2 thoughts on “My Free Write – Pobble 365

  1. To Emilee.
    I like how you put a lot of hard work into your free writing and what you used to get interested in your writing you used pobble 365

    i like all the emojis in your writing

    I like how you described what you write

    From Hunter.

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