Eucharist steps – Sacrament 2

WALT: Understand the sacrament of the Eucharist

In Room 2 our main focus for R.E has been the sacraments. We have been learning about the sacrament Eucharist for the past week. My favourite part was learning about how Jesus can be present in us all the time, and no matter how many times we might break the bread from the Eucharist, he will always be in each piece!

This activity was a great way to recap all the things that we have learned.

Have you ever received the Eucharist?

2 thoughts on “Eucharist steps – Sacrament 2

  1. Hi Emilee its Emanuel here

    I like how you put in so much effort into your work and I like
    what you have told me about the Eucharist.
    Maybe next time you could add the source of your information.

    I have taken the Eucharist, have you?

    1. Hi Emanuel!

      Thank you very much for your comment! it is great to see that people are enjoying my blogs. I will add sources from now on so you can know where it is from!

      I have never taken the Eucharist, but I really want to!

      What does the Eucharist taste like?

      From Emilee.

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