SLJ – One line artwork

For my last activity for today, I chose the 1 line artwork. I had so much fun with this activity and personally I think it was my favourite~! The goal was to make an artwork using only one line (without taking your pen off the paper) and then colouring it in. I liked this activity because I got to be very creative and use my imagination!

Here is my artwork:

3 thoughts on “SLJ – One line artwork

  1. Hi Emilee,

    It’s Emma here again from the Summer Learning Journey.
    It’s great to hear that enjoyed this activity, I think it would be my favourite one to do too! I love the colours you have chosen for the face, they are very eye-catching and go together well. Using just one line to create the shape of all the facial features is so clever! It’s like two puzzle pieces coming perfectly together. The colours and shapes you have used remind of a famous artist called Pablo Picasso, have you heard of him? He was well known for his use of funky shapes and bright colours in his paintings. Do you enjoy doing lots of art at home? Thanks for sharing your post Emilee.

    1. Hi Emma!

      Sorry I haven’t gotten to you any sooner! Yes, I have heard of Pablo Picasso and I think his artworks do look very similar to this piece I have made. I ADORE art. I think I love doing art at home and It is a great way of expressing my feelings!

      How about you? What kind of art do you enjoy?
      From Emilee 🙂

      1. Hi Emilee,

        I completely agree, art is a great way to express our thoughts and feelings. It can also be quite therapeutic, in that it can help us clear or relax our mind. Sometimes listening to music also helps as well. Do you have any music that you like to listen to?

        I LOVE art too! I particularly enjoy art that has lots of colour and interesting things to look at.

        What sort of things do you like to draw or paint the most? I love to make cards for my friends at Christmas with lots of snowy scenery!

        Emma – SLJ 🙂

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