SLJ – Smart Chips (+ step it up activity)

Talofa, Everyone!

This activity was all about learning the 12 days of christmas, but in the Maori/Kiwi version. I got to watch the cool homemade video that even included pictures of each of the 12 days. I really liked this activity because I got to have a go at memorising the days because we had to fill in a sheet of all the days using smart chips. I had to remember every single one!

I still had lots of fun though. Here it is:

Step it up activity:

For this step it up, I got to make my own smart chip sheet by listening to a christmas song, and replace at least 6 of the words for smart chips. I chose ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ I had so much fun with this activity because I got to make everything cool.


What Christmas Carol would you choose?

4 thoughts on “SLJ – Smart Chips (+ step it up activity)

  1. Hello again Emilee!

    Thanks for sharing two completed tasks here! Its great to see you so interested and engaged in the Summer Learning Journey Tasks! Are you enjoying them?

    You’ve done a fantastic job with task one, I can see you have followed the instruction clearly and completed it correctly!

    I can see you have uploaded an image of your Christmas song for activity two. I wonder if you’d be able to link it, so that I could have a go at filling in the blanks? That would be fun for me to try! Like a quiz!

    Also I would have to pick Jingle bells! Such a classic Christmas tune!

    Let me know how you get on and if you get stuck!

    Take care and talk soon!
    Theresa (SLJ)

    1. Hi Theresa!

      I will make sure to add the link when I get around to it. I think Jingle Bells is a great song and I would definitely have picked that as my second choice.

      I had a lot of fun doing the activity, did you?
      From Emilee 🙂

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