Day: March 22, 2023

Pick a Path – Being kind editon!

WALT: Learn how to be kind to your classmates and on the internet.

In Room 9 and 10, we have been focusing on being more confident with our online conversations. We are doing this so that when we go to high school, we have all the skills to stand up for ourselves. We went onto interland and went on ‘It’s cool to be kind’. In this game we would give sad people more enthusiasm and love to cheer them up, as well as blocking bad influences. After this, we have to make a DLO about how to be kind. I decided to make a Pick a Path.

I really enjoyed this because I was able to learn about what to do in different circumstances. I think next time I could have added more colour into it. Overall I think this activity was a really fun learning experience.

Have a go yourself. How did you do? What questions would you add in your one?