Day: March 10, 2023

All About Me – My new profile

WALT: Write a fantastic and engaging blog post.

In Room 9, we have been making some new avatars for our profile on edublogs! I did this a while ago, but we made a new one for the year. I found this activity really fun because I was able to describe myself and make a really cool picture/image of me. I think next time I would try to add some cool colours and make it look really nice.

I put all my words in for these reasons:

Starbucks – Because I absolutely love it.

Energetic – I am very energetic and run around a lot.

Kind – Because I am kind to my classmates.

Learning – I love to learn.

Emilee – It is my name.

Writing – I write a lot and have a big imagination.

Smart – I am very smart.

2 of my strengths are.. Intelligence and Honesty.

Hobbies: I love to sing and hangout with friends because.. Singing: I love to sing because it is one of my big strengths. Hangout with friends: I am very social and love to make new friends.


Have you ever made one of these before, but if you were to, what would you put in your profile?

Nga Mihi, Emilee.