Month: February 2024

Leadership Quiz

In Room 9, we have been looking at leaders and what they have done for NZ.

We were given a sheet with questions about certain people and a wikipedia page with 100 famous people. Some were hard, but some were easy. With the hard ones, we had to find a person and find people connected to someone else.

It was definitely an activity that you had to hone in and focus on. It took a while, but once I finished it I was really proud of my work. Here is my filled out and completed sheet:

What do you think? Would you do this and why?

Shared Sentence Writing

In Room 9, we have been looking at shared sentences for writing. To make our shared sentence, we wrote 1-2 lines about a photo of a mossy building. It was really cool to see what other people interpreted from the drawing.

Once, we had written our couple of sentences, the person underneath us continued the story by adding another 1-2 sentences onto the story. This continued about four times. In the end, my story came out really cool and unexpected.

Here is my story:

I winced as I sat on top of the green mossy building, slowly crumbling away as I moved. I stood up, wobbling unsteadily. This is NOT how I expected my rock climbing day to go. I needed to go into the building to see if there was anyone in there to help me. I looked at my watch, screen shattered. Time was a snail. Minutes felt like hours.

 My arm was throbbing and the pain intensified as the adrenaline wore off. It must’ve been broken as my arm looked like a stick snapped in half. 

My heart dropped because I kept hearing noise echoing around me. I heard a siren, getting louder and quieter, alternating between the two. I thought someone had called the ambulance. I was ecstatic. I was going to be OK! I  turned around, a little too fast. I fell to the ground and heard a loud WHOOSH, and the last thing I saw was a big wave headed straight toward me!

What could I do to improve? What would you write about?

Selfie Bomb

Earlier this month, we did a selfie bomb challenge to know our class better. This was a really fun activity because it helped me to learn information about a couple new kids in our class, and expand my knowledge on people I already know.

It was a challenge to get photos for some of the boxes because it was very specific. In the end, I filled up all the boxes and it was very fun! Next time, I would see if I could add more people in the last box, but other than that, I really like how it turned out.

Here is my selfie bomb;


Would you do this activity and why?

Cybersmart Challenge

In Room 9, our teacher has given us a quiz all about Cybersmart and the Kawa of Care.

This quiz really helped me refresh and improve on my Kawa of Care knowledge. I got 100% on my quiz which made me feel very accomplished.  I think its very important to know about the rules so that we can keep our devices safe. The most enjoyable part of this quiz was the fact I got to learn more.

Here is a screenshot of my accomplishment:

What do you think? Would you have completed it? Why/Why Not?

Top Teams NBC Visit

At NBC today, we were visited by the Top Team crew, and had an awesome morning!

To start the day, we (year 7/8s) were assigned teams based on their house colours. We were called leaders, and were in charge of our groups. They were mixed teams ranging from year 1s to year 8s. I was in Team 6 and was assigned Station 8 out of 12. Once everyone made it to their assigned stations, they buzzer sounded and we were off!

There were so many activities such as Naughts and  Crosses, Egg and Spoon race, Water games and more! We had roughly 7-10 minutes at each station to get as many points as possible! In the end, the winning team had managed to get 588 points! That team got awarded certificates.

Here are some photos of the morning taken by our teacher, Matua Nick.


Overall, this morning was definitely one to remember.

Have you had a visit by top trumps? If so, what was your favourite activity? and why And if not, why would you not want/want them to come?