Jonah and The Whale

WALT: Understand the story of Jonah


In Room 2 we have been working on the story, Jonah and the Whale. I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends and trying out a new character.


5 thoughts on “Jonah and The Whale

  1. Hey Emilee, i love your bedroom you made. You have a super creative mind and you chose great colours for the bedroom. I really like it, From carys

  2. Emilee I like how you and your friends did a cool role play
    i like how you guys did like a stop motion like you froze and it went to different parts


  3. Hello Brody here. i like how you used a video for the post i think that very cool. But i think there could have been better camera quality. Other than that its very good. What other bible storeys do you know??

    1. I know lots like,
      Noah’s ark and the flood, David and Goliath and more!

      Ill make sure the quality is better for next time!

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