SLJ – Shape Poems (Poetry Slam)

Kia Ora everyone!

This activity that I have chosen is called ‘Shape Poems’. For this activity, all we have to do is think of a thing! (e.g a cat) and then make a poem about that chosen thing, but the catch is you have to make it the shape of the thing! I chose an umbrella and I made a poem about rain and not being able to play because without rain we would have no umbrellas!

I found this activity really fun because I got to do research on shape poems and I got to see really cool examples. I also got to challenge myself by finding the right rhyming word for each line.

Just incase, here is a video of me reading the poem.

3 thoughts on “SLJ – Shape Poems (Poetry Slam)

  1. Emilee,

    Theresa here again.

    I love this – what a great idea to write about the rain with a picture of an umbrella. I haven’t seen this shape so far in the poetry slam. I read your poem out loud to myself to hear how it flowed. I think maybe a video of you reading it aloud would make it sound better? I’m not sure I read it with the right flow.

    I particularly like your line “the rain splashes on the window and trickles down the glass”

    Keep up the awesome tasks Emilee


  2. Hi Theresa!

    I will edit this blog post ASAP with a video of me reading my poem. I do also struggle with finding the right rhythm for poems as well.

    I think it was cool that my umbrella is a first because personally I thought many other students participating in the SLJ would have done the same!

    I have just posted 2 new blog posts. Hope to see your comments again!


    1. Kia ora Emilee!

      Beautiful reading of your poem! It was lovely to hear it in your voice. Such a great poem!

      Will go check out your new posts right away!

      Take care,
      Theresa 🙂

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