SLJ – How Good Is Your Memory?

Kia Ora!

Another activity has been put up on the SLJ Blog and this is what it is! Our task today is to learn ‘Mnemonics’ and when you pronounce it the ‘M’ is silent. There were many different ones you could do, but I chose the ‘ROYG.BIV’ Also known as the colours of the rainbow.

I have recorded a video of myself explaining Mnemonics and how ROYG.BIV helps you remember all the colours!

What is an example of a mnemonic you know?

4 thoughts on “SLJ – How Good Is Your Memory?

  1. Kia ora Emilee,

    This is Theresa from the Summer Learning Journey. Thanks for sharing your video. I am super impressed with how clearly you articulate the instructions and write upside down! That is some skill there, as a teacher, I am constantly trying to write upside down and to be honest your letters look better than mine.

    Have you made many videos before you clearly have the knack for talking on camera?

    This has been a great little skill I have learnt today ROYGBIV – ask my son I constantly sing it wrong so maybe now I’ll get it right 🙂

    Ngā mihi

    1. Kia Ora, Theresa!

      Yes, I used to have a youtube channel when I was around 8 years old, but I think it’s because I love talking (maybe too much haha).

      I definitely struggled writing upside down and while I was talking about it I had to quickly think about how I was going to write it, but I didn’t think it was really a skill of mine.

      As a teacher, what age group do you teach?
      From Emilee 😁

      1. Hi again Emilee!

        It’s awesome that you have your own Youtube channel! Do you make videos often? What’s your favourite thing to watch on youtube?

        You’ve shown lots of great skills in your activity here – upside down writing, quick thinking, talking while writing! Ka pai!

        I teach year 5 and 6 in a hub. We have three classes all in one big room! What’s your school like? I see you are in year 6, will you change schools next year?

        Look forward to your reply 🙂

        1. Hi Theresa!

          I am staying at my school, since they provide years up to 0-8. Next year, I will have big responsibilities such as road patrol and many other things.

          Next year is going to be a challenge for me because I will have lots to do. Are you going to be changing your class next year, or will you be teaching the same year?

          From Em

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