Day: December 23, 2022

SLJ – Cool Characters

Bonjour, bloggers!

A new SLJ task has JUST been released! Now this activity was by far the best one I have done! I think that I am going to do this activity so much- OH! I haven’t told you what it is yet! Alright, soo for this activity, we got to go out into our backyards, find plants/stuff outside and make a creature out of them! Lucky for me, my backyard is COVERED in stuff! I got a leaf, and I have lots of clovers, so I ripped off 2 of the leaves of that.

With all the stuff I had, I had so much options I could do with it, but I think the way I chose to do it was the best option.

I named him Jeremy.

What do you think of him? What would you have done with the stuff you have?

SLJ – Let’s Visit Mars!

Todays SLJ activity is all about… MARS! ☄

In this activity, we got to look at this site

We got to learn a lot more about the first rover that went to Mars in August, 2012 called ‘ Curiosity’ When we entered the site we got to see what Mars’s surface looked like and what Curiosity looked like aswell. I really liked this activity because it’s cool to think I was only a baby when a big, huge rover went on to Mars!

After researching and looking at facts, we got to make our own rover! I didn’t have much time to do this activity, but I think that this was one of my favourites! Here is my rover:

I called it Explorer because this rover of mine was the first rover to go to the sun! This rover also is indestructible and was made by a 8 year old girl in the year 3014.

What would you name YOUR rover? What is your favourite part about my rover?